Water Exercise

Availed Year Round 

Start feeling good and having fun today! Join one of our low impact water exercise classes to help you stay fit and keep active. All of our instructors make working out fun! Each class is one hour long with times to fit any schedule!

Water exercise can help with arthritis, bad backs, knees and general aches and pains.  It’s great for working every muscle and aiding in physical therapy.

90 Degree Indoor Pool – Wheel Chair Ramp – Great Classes for Arthritis

Rates                                                                                         Members                 Non-Members

2-3 Days Per Week (per calendar month)                    $60                              $70

4-5 Days Per Week (per calendar month)                    $65                               $80

Per Class                                                                                           $15                               $20


Membership with the 5 Cities Swim School is an optional discount program. Membership is a $75 annual fee good for a family of the same household. Members receive discounts on all of the programs offered at the swim club. You may choose to participate as a member or a non-member.

Class Times, Intensities & Instructors

             Low                                                                              Medium                                                                                                 High

Mon/Wed/Fri @10:30am with Shirley/Vinny   Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6am with Cindy  or Brooke                     Mon/Wed/Fri @8 Am with Diane  

                                                                                                  Mon/Wed/Fri @ 7am with Cindy or Brooke                      Mon/Wed/Fri @9am with Diane 

                                                                                                                Tue/Thur @10:30am  with Volunteer Instructor        Mon/Wed/Fri @1pm with Sam or Sydney

Mon/Wed/Thur @6:30 with Sydney